It’s May 24th. Do you know where the management of your favorite ski area is?

I do! I do! They’re at the 2006 National Ski Areas Association Convention in Marco Island, Florida.

And do you know what they’re discussing?

Once again, I do! One of the main topics is women and snowsports. Apparently, they’re as concerned as we are about the dearth of women on the slopes.

It only makes good sense to address the women’s ski segment. According to Sports Illustrated, 42% of alpine skiers are female (though you could’ve fooled me). Nonetheless, whatever the number, it’s a group that’s often overlooked and extremely underserved. And not paying attention to it just doesn’t make sense.

Just a couple weeks ago I was contacted by a market research firm that’s addressing the convention. They were trying to figure out why more women don’t ski; why women (especially teenage girls) leave the sport; and how to keep women skiing — all interesting questions on which I tried to provide input, based on feedback I’ve gotten from you, my own observations, and things I’ve read from women posters on AlpineZone and EpicSki.

Hope the Association comes up with some good ideas. We could use ’em.