….then join the club — temperatures have been way above average, there hasn’t been enough snow, people are playing golf, for crying out loud. Ski areas are suffering.
Ah, winter in New England!
According to the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration, we have El Nino to thank for this. El Nino is a strong climate pattern that forms in the Pacific Ocean from time to time. This one’s been in place since last summer. It’s wrecking havoc in the east, while causing tons of snow to fall in the west. And they say it’s going to remain in place until spring.
So what am I going to do, continue to complain?
Well — yes. But I’m also making plans to take a trip out west this year. I’m heading to Steamboat in March. I have my tickets, my lift pass, and I’m dying to go.
Looks like that might be my best chance of getting some real solid skiing done this winter.
Curse you, El Nino!