If you haven’t looked at women’s skis lately, maybe it’s time you took another look. Because to paraphrase an old ad campaign, they’ve come a long way, baby.
It wasn’t too long ago that manufacturers would simply take their men’s skis, power them down, slap on some flowers, and call them women’s skis. The technical term for this: shrink it and pink it. The result was less than satisfactory.
Today, ski manufacturers have changed their tune, offering women’s skis that’d give anyone a run for their money. They’re making skis that are lighter and softer to accomodate women’s lower muscle mass, but giving them the strength and stability we crave. (And they don’t rely on cutesy graphics so much, either. Which, by the way, I always found somewhat offensive.)
Other differences you may see in women’s skis include:

  • Shorter tips: This keeps your boots closer to the front of your ski, for better turn initiation
  • Lighter, forward mounted bindings: The heels may be raised, too. All this is done to accomodate our lower center of gravity, and make it easier for us to get our skis on edge.
  • Waists that are farther forward: This, too, is to accomodate our lower center of gravity, as well as our forward mounted bindings.

This year there are plenty of great choices to choose from. So take another look. I think you’ll like what you see.