No question about it — skiing costs money. And with just getting to the slopes costing an arm and a leg these days, it makes sense to think about ways to cut expenses.

So here are a few ways to save. Most of them are pretty intuitive, but maybe there’s something here you haven’t considered:

  • Pack a lunch. Most of the food you get at ski resorts is expensive and let’s face it, not especially good or healthy (you didn’t really want that hog dog and fries, did you?). So bring your own, save money, and be good to your body.
  • Carpool. If you have a friend who likes to ski, sharing the cost of gas can be a big help. Plus you’re keeping more cars off the road, which is better for the environment. (Remember, stop global warming!)
  • If you’re on an overnight trip, don’t stay slopeside. You can save a bundle by spending the night a few miles away. Granted, you’ll have to drive a little, but you can save big.
  • Consider a season pass. If you ski alot, this can really pay off big time. My mid-week season pass pays for itself in just 5 visits. It’s a terrific investment.